Weathered sample completed.

As mentioned previously, I'd been tasked with creating a weathered reference version of our exclusive Model Rail USA 0-6-0T. Strict parameters were set, so that the factory workers can replicate the weathering without too much fuss, but the subtle airbrushed effects have brought an already excellent model to life. Moreover, all of that lovely underframe and boiler detail has been accentuated. Can't wait to see the production models arrive - I've got my eye on an NCB-liveried version for my Maudetown Colliery layout...

To order your USA tank, call 01209 613984 or go to   


  1. Hi George, looks good, do you know when they are expected in the uk? Cheers, Lewis

    1. Hi Lewis,
      Thanks - we're expecting delivery around late summer time, but hasn't been confirmed yet. Look out for the latest news in the mag or the MR social media pages.


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