Ready-faded decals put to the test.

All shiny and ready for the new decals...

Those Class 60s still wearing EWS colours have been looking a tad shabby in recent years , with faded or peeling numbers and letters. Replicating this has just got a lot easier thanks to some great new waterslide transfers from Precision Labels. Based on images of the real thing, each pack is tailored to a specific locomotive and copies the extent and pattern of fading perfectly. Foil-effect nameplates are also available, but I've opted for a pair of etched 'plates from Fox.

A variety of faded decals are available for a variety of OO and N gauge Class 60s , including tatty Load Haul logos.

After rubbing away the existing numbers on my Hornby model, I gave it a generous layer of high gloss clear varnish, using Alclad2's Klear Kote Gloss, built up over several coats. This gives the transfers the best surface on which to adhere and ensure that the clear carrier film remains invisible.

Once applied, the decals were sealed with further gloss coats (sprayed in ultra-thin layers to avoid damaging the transfers), followed by satin or matt varnish according to your tastes. All I need to do now is add a suitable weathered finish to suit the tatty outlook of the transfers.


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