Ovine logo adorns a Welsh 'Tractor'.

With a longstanding interest in South Wales-based Class 37s, I recently came across a few images of shabby blue locos adorned with a small sheep logo. Apparently known as Selwyn, it seems that the sheep were the work of a driver from the Barry area, first appearing in the 1980s. Funnily enough, some present day DB Cargo Class 60s have sported similar black sheep logos with Margam Depot's initials.

My ViTrains model depicts 37284 in mid-1980s condition, with patches beneath the cab windows where the cast builders' plates have been recently removed and the frost grilles (Shawplan etches) are still in place. The sheep motifs are from Precision Decals, while the TOPS numbers, data panels and depot stickers are from Railtec.

I'm rather pleased with the weathered finish to this repainted model. Abrasives have been used to create patches of peeling/scuffed paintwork as well as introducing some tonal variety.


  1. That really is a nice looking tractor George! Im pretty sure SELWYN is very happy on the side !


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