Class 37/9 conversion complete.

With the new issue of Model Rail going on sale this week (MR230), here's a few images of the subject of this month's Masterclass feature. Portraying the first of the re-engineered Class 37s, 37901 had its English Electric power unit replaced with a beast of an engine from Stockport-based Mirrlees Blackstone. To allow the taller engine to fit, a new roof panel was required, making for an interesting modelling challenge.

I actually started this project way back in 2012 using a long-obsolete (and rather basic) A1 Models conversion kit. However, I didn't get very far before abandoning the model to the 'to do' pile. In the meantime, Pete Harvey brought out a much superior conversion kit for the Mirrlees-equipped fleet (37901-904), allowing for the modifications made to the exhaust outlets. 

The Model Rail feature explains exactly how the conversion was undertaken, with the etched parts going together - and slotting into a hole cut into the bodyshell - perfectly. It proved to be great fun and I'm glad to finally get the thing finished after nearly five years! Although, I haven't had time to weather it yet, so that might be a job for the next few days...


  1. Hi George,

    I was wondering if when you carry out detailing work with a 3rd party detailing kit or whatever, you could give the manufacturer's part number for what you have used. Case in point is, I was reading your blog about the upgrades and detailing you have done to PCA wagons, inasmuch as you say the buffers were replaced with items from Dart Castings, but you give no information as to which set you used.

    1. Hi Mark, I always give part numbers when listing the necessary components/materials in MODEL RAIL demo articles. I seldom have time to be so thorough with Blog posts, though. So buy the mag!!!
      As for the PCAs, from memory I think the buffers were BR/Oleo 2ft 1/4in, 18in diameter heads.


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