Cute little tram engine built in 'N' gauge.

The Summer issue of Model Rail magazine hits the shelves next week (July 27) and features my illustrated build of this great little steam tram engine in 2mm scale. Built from a whitemetal kit, produced by N-Drive Productions, it features a pre-assembled chassis, with only the bodywork requiring assembly and painting. There's no need for soldering or any complicated wiring - just glue the bits together, paint it and drop the chassis inside. Easy!

Having recently worked on an 'O' gauge Class 08, facing such a contrasting scale more-or-less straightaway proved somewhat challenging. But that's all part of the fun. The loco has now been packed up and will soon be on its way to my Model Rail colleague Peter Marriott, who's building a Wisbech & Upwell Tramway-inspired layout.

The loco should have its number applied to the bufferbeam, but I struggled to find any decals small enough!

At only a couple of centimetres long, this is one tiny model loco - yet it runs very well.


  1. This is perfect for those N-Gauge trainiacs who looks for a more classic set. It brings out an old western appearance, a time where trains are one of the most valuable means of transportation.


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