Warrior MCV built to compliment 'Warwell' wagon

Having built a transport cradle for a contemporary 'Warwell' wagon (from a PH Designs kit), today has been spent building a Revell plastic kit of a Warrior MCV to finish off the ensemble. 

Alas, I could only find a 1:72 scale kit of a Warrior, so it's a little over-scale for the Hatton's  'OO' wagon (1:76) and, subsequently, the load is a tad out of gauge. But then I think that the real vehicles are classed as out-of-gauge loads when being transported around the UK rail network. In terms of length, the track sections fit within the PHD cradle perfectly, but it does overhang the sides by a few millimetres.

The Revell kit was great fun to assemble and I've left the side armour plates off for now, to aid the painting and weathering stages. Indeed, I'm looking forward to rendering the camouflage scheme with my airbrush. 


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