'Warwell' wagon gains an etched transport cradle.

Just spent a very enjoyable day assembling an excellent etched metal kit from PH Designs. Replicating the special transport cradles fitted into the depressed centre of 'Warwell' wagons, in order to accommodate Warrior armoured vehicles, it's a perfect addition to the later version of Hatton's KFA 'Warwell' in 4mm scale.

Etched in nickel silver, the kit is a straightforward assembly job, with glue or solder being suitable (I used solder) and it sits perfectly onto the wagon after a few hours' worth of work. I just need to build a Warrior to go with it, so a Revell kit is next in line... 


  1. Iirc the barrel should have a strap to s3cuse it in teabstr. Some afvs have to have the turret facing backwards.

    ImI sure at one point airfix did a 1:76 warrior. Id be surprised if oxford don't bring one out.

    It is also a bit odd that revell went with 1:72, which does match plabes, but most vehicles would have been 1:76. Odd really as a warrior wouldn't be seen bear most planes, unless it was a hercules galaxy I guess.

    1. Hi Kelly,
      Yes, a few mods needed on the Warrior for secure transport - been digging out some photos from the RAIL files to see how they were secured to the wagons.


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