Rose Grove's 45447 ready for service.

The hand-painted 10F shedcode and mis-matched headlamps were eye-catching details from a number of prototype images of 45447, which lasted almost to the very end of BR steam in 1968.

My Hornby 'Black Five' project is now complete, with the finished model photographed and ready for active service. I'm chuffed with the outcome, especially as I veered from my usual detailing methods in a couple of areas. The rivetted front bufferbeam - created using waterslide rivet strips - is particularly satisfying, as are the scratchbuilt cylinder covers and drain pipes.

I could have gone a bit further with a few elements, such as the weathering and the addition of a few other small detail fittings. But overall, I think it's turned out OK. You can see the full demo - along with an extended article on the Stanier 5MT 4-6-0s - in the next issue of Model Rail magazine (Issue 251), on sale 2nd August.


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