My 'OO' gauge goods yard diorama is coming along nicely, with the first stage of the scenery applied in the form of some new scatter materials from Geoscenics. I mentioned in a previous post about how this project had allowed me to trial some new ballasts from Hattons, and the same is true of these Medium-grade Geoscenics green scatters, which are excellent. Two versions were employed, with the scatter built up over a couple of layers, the uppermost having a little Woodland Scenics Coarse turf mixed in to add a little extra texture and tonal variety. Once this last layer has dried, I'll finish the job off with a light sprinkling of static grass.

The cattle dock (a Ratio kit) is now complete, having been painted and weathered, and now sits snugly in the corner of the goods yard, beside the entrance gateway. All it needs now is a herd of cows to be delivered.

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