The lovely folks at The Airbrush Company sent me an interesting new product, in the form of an airbrush stencil from Artool. Consisting of a random array of shapes, the idea is to place it over a surface and spray a variety of paint shades through the gaps. The results of my first foray are illustrated here, taking a steel-bodied wagon that had been weathered with the airbrush in a generic fashion. Using the stencil, a number of rust tones were then misted over the hopper sides and ends, depositing patches of corrosion.

For a first attempt, I think it's OK. However, I'm sure that these stencils have a great deal of potential, so I'm going to try a few other approaches to a variety of surfaces. Incidentally, the wagon in question is one of Accurascale's wonderful 'OO' BR 21t coal hoppers that appeared last year (an 'O' gauge version followed a few months back). With a few of these in my collection, I've also treated one to a more pronounced weathered finish (see below), which was great fun.


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