Friday, 8 January 2010

More Duff Action

I’ve had Class 47s on my mind again. No, it’s not an affliction, more that I had a tidy of my office last night with the intention of putting various completed models into storage (ie. moved from the various piles on the floor into other piles elsewhere) and an extra pair of Duffs revealed themselves.

One is a heavily modified Lima model, converted to represent DRS 47802, complete with working lights (a First Class Trains unit). I do think that Lima made a pretty good fist of their ‘47’, although it does take quite a bit of work to get the best out of the basic moulding. Shame the motors are so unpredictable although, touch wood, this one is not a bad runner. A bit noisy though.

The other ‘47’ is one of the first Bachmann releases, renumbered (to 1741, no ‘D’), detailed, weathered and with new headcode codes. Specifically, the 6V53 refers to a southbound Severn Tunnel fully fitted freight routed over the S&C some time around 1970-74 (from Kingmoor or Mossend, I think). The other end carries 3S25, a northbound parcels.

Both of these projects were done for my book on detailing OO diesels & electrics and they prove an interesting contrast between the two models that were produced 20 years apart (Lima: 1987 and Bachmann: 2007).

Oh, and here’s a few Duff photos that I also found lying around... It’s 47492, by the way. Formally The Enterprising Scot. Wouldn’t it be nice to see it in Scot Rail livery again when it’s up and running?

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