Caley Pug signed off

The joys of acrylic paints! After weathering this little loco last night, a blast from a hairdryer left it dry enough to handle and the coal load could be formed and the PVA glue left overnight to set. Bright and early this morning, all remaining small details were added, the cab glazed and 56032 went under the spotlights for final photography.

All that remained was to dig myself out of the house and brave the weather to get to the Post Office and sent the article off to Model Rail HQ. Hopefully, the snow won't delay it too much as it's press next week.

The Caley Pug features in next month's (MR141) Masterclass, so I won't give anything away before the Feb issue appears. However, once it's on sale, I'll post a selection of extra images, including extra 'in progress' shots that couldn't be squeezed into the magazine.

Now for something completely different, I'm about to start a German electric that I'd promised to detail and weather for Ben.


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