I modified and repainted a trio of Heljan Class 33 bodyshells a couple of years ago, the models featuring in Model Rail (Jan 2008 issue). Subsequently, I was asked to repeat the feat. After a long wait, I've finally gotten around to it and the threesome are now packed and ready to post.

One annoying thing that delayed this job in the latter stages was the fact that Humbrol seem to have altered their formula of clear varnish (Mattcote) ever so slightly and, after using one batch to finish the first model off the production line (the Class 33/0), a more recent stock of Mattcote on the other two gave a completely different appearance.

Whereas the older supply gave a very flat matt sheen, my latest stock is much more satin-esque (and nicer, in fact), so I had to rub down and re-finish the 33/0 to match - quite a pain as I'd completely reassembled the glazing and fittings etc. But, hey, it's done now and I'm very happy with the results.

This 'Slim Jim' 33/2 has simply had a repaint into BR green livery

This Class 33/0 is actually a conversion from a 33/1, making use of the better contours of the 33/1 bodyshell. As-built exhaust arrangements have also been modelled

This 33/1 has been converted to represent the pioneer push-pull fitted 'Crompton' (D6580), and the only one to receive green livery


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