I made the most of a few days off over Easter to continue some wagon building projects for my own enjoyment. A half-dozen 21t vehicles have rolled off the production line and have now entered the paint shop.

Along with yet another Chivers 21t MDV, various spare parts kindly donated by Parkside Dundas have also allowed some more unusual prototype variations to be modelled. Along with a few re-bodied MDOs (and an MDP through-piped variant), I’ve also been kit-bashing a pair of early BR 21tonners to represent an LMS design of 20t loco coal wagon, patched up and still in use with the National Coal Board into the late 1970s.

As mentioned in my review of the Chivers MDV kit (MR141), a choice of axlebox types is provided, giving a spare set for use on other projects, here being added to a Parkside Dundas kit

Despite these being for my own personal amusement, I reckon there might be enough to interest fellow modellers to warrant an article in Model Rail in the future...


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