Monday, 24 May 2010

More on Bovey in Brass

As those of you who have just received/bought/borrowed a copy of the latest Model Rail will know, there's a feature within about how I built a Scale Link brass kit based on Bovey Tracey in South Devon. A lovely kit to build, it did take me a while to solder it all together.

I actually built it and wrote up the feature over 2 years ago but, as is the way of magazine production, that we tend to keep things in reserve until it feels the right time to plop it in, aiming to keep a balance of subjects, eras, etc in each issue. With a station theme to June's issue, there was no better time to slip this one onto the page.

Cefn Coed? That's not in Devon....!

It may also have been noticed that the finished kit has been festooned with BR/WR totems bearing the name Cefn Coed, rather Bovey. Well, at the time that I built it, I’d been planning a layout set in the South Wales Valleys and had wondered about relocating this station into a fictitious Welsh location. However, this layout eventually turned into the freight-only Maudetown Colliery (see earlier posts), so I was left with a redundant building!

The appearance of the article in this month's mag has, however, prompted me to consider some way of using the kit, being as it's such a nice recreation of the real thing. A small diorama is probably the best route (maybe a working one) and last night I scribbled a few plans on some scrap paper whilst waiting to pick up Mrs D from the station.

GWR Roadside Halt
At the same time as building the kit of Bovey, I also assembled this little GWR roadside halt, also built from a Scale Link brass kit (in ‘00’). What amounted to bus shelters, these were very attractive structures and paired with a Peco GWR bus kit, would make a pleasant scenic combo.

The walls and roof are assembled separately from the floor and the GWR style bench is a work of art in itself.

Easy to fold to shape, but requiring a little care when soldering together, the kit has been very well designed.

Once painted and with some Scalescenes ( signage, the finished model looks the part. Contact Scale Link Ltd for more information on both of these kits. Tel. 01747 811817 or go to

I dug this GWR bus kit out from the shed last night. I bought it at Pecorama a few years ago, but then 'filed' it away for future use. Will it ever get built?

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