Friday, 15 July 2011

37003 progress report

The new Extreme Etchings cab windscreens are a big improvement, but the fitting is a fairly time consuming task.

Another working week is nearly over and I've just come in from the shed, having sprayed the first priming coats over the new brass bits on the Bachmann Class37 project. As the Alclad2 primer dries rapidly, I can already see a few tiny areas where a little more filling and rubbing down will be needed before the BR blue can be applied, to blend in with the factory finish. So, I may be doing a bit of fettling over the weekend, which is no bad thing as it looks like being a rainy one...

Meanwhile, here's a few images of how the model has progressed in the past few days...

The Shawplan radiator fan is a mini work of art, being assembled from 4 separate parts. It looks fab now it's just received a coat of red oxide primer.

Another miniature masterpiece is the roof grille, again from Shawplan. These are ultra-delicate - you only have to look at them in the wrong way and they can break (as I found out to my cost this morning!). This is the second, more successful attempt and it pays to have one spare kit in hand, just in case. The quality of the mesh has to be seen to be believed. Don't use glue on these - clear acrylic varnish is the medium of choice.

The interiors are being spruced up a bit too, these bulkheads having been painted and weathered.

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