Monday, 24 October 2011


Maudetown's water supply up and running

Mentioned in a previous posting, I scratchbuilt and installed a water tower on Maudetown Colliery nearly a year ago - anyone who has bought my latest book (Airbrushing for Railway Modellers) will have seen this model being weathered - yet I've only just completed the scene, with a few finishing detail touches now in place.

Progress on the layout itself has stalled somewhat, especially as I'd begun the extension baseboard in Spring, but not track has yet been laid. In fact, I keep tweaking the trackplan to suit my changing desires. Indeed, my recent foray into 'OO9' narrow gauge means that I'm scratching my head, wondering where I can find space for a short length of 9mm gauge track.

Apart from a consistently heavy workload, the other main reason for limited progress on any of my layout projects has been the dire state of my shed (where they're housed). However, the weekend has seen a little more progress on the building's ropey fabric, with more cladding replaced and a full re-wire affected, complete with a modern (and much safer) fusebox.

Anyway, it was nice to remove the dust sheet and pose a few wagons and a loco. My small fleet of water carriers should soon prove their worth, keeping the tank topped-up on a regular basis. I've a couple more Dapol rectangular tanks to repaint, plus a couple of 'scrap' loco tenders to convert. Combined with the various internal works trains and regular deliveries of pit props and engineering equipment, there should be plenty of traffic variety; not just a constant stream of coal wagons.

With Maudetown now easier to access, perhaps some progress can be made over winter. But I've also got my modern loco depot layout to work on. And my mini 'N' gauge project...

With a Knightwing water column and a Bachmann boiler atop the scratchbuilt gantry, the watering facility looks fairly convincing. I'll be demonstrating the building of this in a future book project.

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