Work on my Railroad Class 37 has advanced a little since my last post, along with a couple more Type 3s. Using the Vi-Trains '37' as a basis, I've embarked on a Class 37/9 conversion (to Mirrlees engined 37901) and a more up to date DRS project, provisionally set as a copy of 37606. A man can never have enough Class 37s...

The 37/9 job is using an A1 Models conversion kit, along with plenty of Shawplan goodies, while the DRS loco has received a set of cast resin nose ends from PH Designs. I'm undecided over whether to fit replacement windscreen surrounds, as has been done on the Railroad model. Time and cost are important factors, but I'll probably relent and spend the extra few quid. It has to be said that, once you've fitted these windscreens to a couple of models, the job is subsequently easier and quicker - the Railroad 37 was treated in about an hour. And they do look superb, especially when the laser-cut glazing is fitted. 

There you go, I've talked myself into it already..!

The Railroad 37 has progressed since the previous posting, with new buffers (A1), horns (Craftsman), bufferbeam equipment and lamp brackets (from Vi-Trains detail packs).


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