Work on the wings begins

A small amount of progress has occurred on my Spitfire build, namely some pre-assembly painting and weathering of the wheel recesses and fuselage interior. The Airfix instructions are great for showing where to paint before the parts are stuck together and the moulded detail in the wheel wells is impressive. Indeed, a few light washes really bring out the relief.

I'd sprayed the areas with a little grey primer (with an airbrush) before the paints were applied (again, with an airbrush). I've been using Tamiya paints again, as I enjoyed using them on a few previous projects. The Humbrol washes were brushed on and the surplus wiped away with cotton swabs to leave the grime in the recesses and to create some subtle streaking effects. The Tamiya acrylics must be completely dry before the enamel washes are applied, or the solvent will cause problems with the underlying paint.

Can't wait to get the wings glued up and fixed to the fuselage, although the joint faces will need rubbing back to bare plastic to ensure a secure bond...


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