In praise of a venerable plastic kit.

After a recent chat with my colleague Chris Leigh, I decided to dig out an old Dapol plastic kit that I've had in the stash for years. Depicting a delightful, Norman-style church, the kit was originally released by Airfix in the 1950s. Based on a real building located on the Isle of Wight, the plastic parts still offer an excellent route to recreating a typical rural place of worship - at a bargain price too (less than a tenner!).

Only a little filler has been required so far and, now that it has received a primer coat, I'm thinking of improving the roof with some laser-cut tiles that I already have in stock. I'll also be needing some stained-glass windows, but I'm sure I have something lying around that will do the trick....


  1. Funny how an old kit can suddenly stand out when it's given a bit of attention. I've seen this kit listed for ages but never gave it a second look. Seeing it like this, it does look pretty good.

    I look forward to the stained glass windows. That could get really complicated, but I expect you have an ingenious solution.

    1. Hi Mikkel,
      My stained glass window solution is very basic - but effective! Check out the feature in Model Rail issue 220 for full details!


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