Oxford Rail Private Owner coal wagon ready for service.

Having sat patiently on a shelf in the workshop for a year or so, I've finally gotten around to tinkering with one of Oxford Rail's 'OO' gauge Private Owner coal wagons. From the initial raft of releases, this wagon has been treated to some distressing, patch-painting, weathering and a load of real coal. The bare replacement planks even boast a hint of wood grain texture under the layers of grime. 

While the wagons looked good straight from the box, the finish was a bit iffy, with the red bleeding through the white lettering and an overall plasticky appearance. With a couple of hours' work, the finished model looks much more convincing. Now employed in the National Coal Board's fleet, wagon no. 5472 can begin to earn its keep... 
Fresh from the box... Good, but could be better!
With much of the work done, it's seen here awaiting lettering and numbering by hand.


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