66 for RHTT

GM grubby from railhead treatment duty.

When Hatton's announced that they were producing a set of Railhead Treatment Train (RHTT) wagons for 'OO', I realised that I needed a pair of suitably be-grimed Class 66s with which to haul them. While I save my pennies for the Hatton's models, I found this 66 'in stock' and treated it to a much heavier weathering job than I would normally employ. Indeed, it's actually toned down a little from a few prototype images that were used for reference. I did, though, replicate the distinctive sweep of the windscreen wipers and staining from the washer jet fluid on the front ends.

I just need a second, un-powered EWS-liveried '66' to run at the other end, so I'll be keeping my eye out for a faulty pre-owned example...

See the full story behind this project in the new issue of Model Rail magazine (MR245), on sale this week.


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