British Steel-liveried loco looks the business.

I've had a few weathering projects over the past two months, one of the most rewarding has been this Janus diesel 0-6-0. Using a Golden Valley Hobbies/Oxford Rail 'OO' model, I've added a couple of minor tweaks (including filling in the coupling slot in the front valances) before applying a layered weathered finish. 

The model looked good beforehand but the detail really stands out post-weathering, the grime collected in the louvres, grilles and panel seams enhancing the relief and sense of depth. The bright yellow paintwork also looks slightly faded in certain areas, too.

If I'd had a little more time, I would have treated the cab interior to a level of grime, as well adding a footplate crew - but that will have to wait for another day.

See how it was done in the latest Model Rail magazine (MR245), on sale next week.


  1. That is a cracking piece of work.

  2. Did you do anything to correct the bufferbeams?

    1. Just filled the slot for the couplings and added a etched coupling hook. That was enough for me.

    2. I was curious as I found it's surprisingly out, dimensionally speaking. The buffer beam is 6" too short (in height) but this leads to the lower steps being moved up to meet the bufferbeams and this results in the valances having to be adjusted to meet these.

      I am surprised none of the magazines have picked up on this, especially considering the fuss over, for instance, the Heljan class 47!


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