Breck Road open for business.

After a week of intensive practical work, Breck Road station is now finished. Featuring many archetypal features of contemporary stations, including block-paved platforms (including tactile tile strip), anti-trespass timber trestles, high security fencing, CCTV, vandal-proof benches and bus-type waiting shelter. There's also an LED train information display, cycle rack and plenty of car parking spaces. The colour scheme and corporate ID is based on the current Northern Rail franchise.

For a full demo of how this scene was created, see the next issue of Model Rail magazine (MR249), on sale 7 June.

The scratch-built waiting shelter provided an interesting challenge.


  1. I have to say that looks as good, if not better than Heljan's similar Tackley Halt kit.

  2. At least your Northern Rail trains will run!


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