LNER 'TOAD B', Part 3

Brake van almost ready for service.

The finishing process proved to be swift and efficient, with the BR freight grey airbrushed lightly over a black undercoat, thus preserving a degree of shading between the planks and within recessed areas. This gave me a head start on the weathering, with general misted layers of 'dirt' following. There's a few minor touches to add yet, such as scuffs and burnishing, and I've yet to install the three-link couplings. Oh, and the glazing needs to be installed to the verandah windows and look-out duckets. To expedite matters, I'll probably employ a liquid glazing solution, not least at the apertures are safely out of the reach of fingers. 

I employed a pack of Modelmaster decals, designed expressly for this Parkside kit, with Micro Sol and Set solutions required to persuade the decal film to settle into the plank detail. Simply brushing the Micro Sol onto the damp decal and leaving the model for a few hours is all that's required, before working on the other side.

This LNER 'Toad B' will add some welcome variety to my fleet of 1960s-era freight brake vans and will look particularly apt at the rear of departmental/engineers trains. 


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