Locos and stock dusted-off for running session.

Much of my locomotives and rolling stock live for long periods in storage as I seldom have the space and time to set up my layouts and give them a good run. Therefore, it's always welcome when I'm offered access to other folks' larger layouts, allowing the locos to stretch their legs, so to speak. A recent visit to my chum James' 'gaff' saw a bunch of my 1960s-era green diesels trundling up and down his layout, shunting a bunch of my kit-built coal and general merchandise wagons. 

With so many of my modelling acquaintances having succumbed to the draw of digital control, it's a relief when I can still turn up with my analogue stock and not spend ages scratching my head wondering how on earth I get the things to move. Just plonk the train on the track, turn the knob and off we go... who needs all that techno crap?!?!


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