LNER 'TOAD B', Part 2

Plastic kit built and primed.

Thanks to the dire weather over much of the weekend, I managed to finish assembly of this old Parkside kit of an LNER 'Toad B', adding extra details, such as the roof vents, a new stove chimney, plus the chassis, complete with extra brake and sanding pipes. 

A quick misting of grey primer followed this morning, which has revealed a few surface imperfections which will need tidying up before the painting stage gets under way. Given the amount of filler required to tidy up the joints between most components, this isn't surprising. Indeed, I'm wishing that I'd primed the model before adding any of the new, delicate details, making the job of fettling the surface that bit easier.... you live and learn!

Oh well, progress has been swift, which is important to me these days and I'm really looking forward to seeing the wagon in its tatty British Railways uniform...

Brass wire and old steel guitar strings form the brake rodding and safety hoops, as well as the sanding pipes.
Due to the amount of filler required to make the joints between the sides and ends tidy, the vague moulded corner strapping was obliterated. Replacing it with thin brass strip with raised rivet heads, however, has created a much more realistic aspect.  


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