Things are getting exciting, with final assembly of the DAF 95 well under way. The cab has been installed onto the frames, after modifying the tilting mechanism slightly, and the front fender fixed in place. The resin wheels are also in position, having been weathered and the tyres fitted. There has been some touching-in of the paintwork and weathering to ensure everything appears seamless, especially while the chassis is still accessible. Next job is to finish and install the rear canvas body, which is well advanced. 

There's something incredibly rewarding about getting to this stage with a 1:24  scale truck kit. With so many individual components and the need to work on lots of separate sub-assemblies, it can take an age before everything comes together but, when the end finally comes into view, there's a rising sense of euphoria.

I'm especially happy with the livery, after a few false starts. This is actually the third attempt, with the previous two shades of green being deemed unsuitable. Having to rub down the paintwork and starting again can be soul destroying, but I'm glad I persevered and insisted on getting things right. There's a slight irony to the fact that the shade of green I eventually settled upon is British Railways Standard Locomotive green, while all of the livery decals are also taken from model railway packs. Building trucks as a means of switching off from the day job hasn't quite allowed me to escape from the influence of trains... 



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