Friday, 19 February 2010

Class 14 at work at Maudetown Colliery

Resting in the stabling siding at Maudetown Colliery, 14029 looks at home in this environment

After reviewing the Hattons/Heljan limited edition Class 14, I had intended to photograph it on my colliery-themed layout. However, I prefer review images to be on a clear background, lest your eye be distracted by a busy background scene. Besides, it has been a bit too cold to be hanging around out in the shed of late, where the layout is currently sited.

Anyway, after an unusually sunny and mild day, I did venture out to do some jobs and remembered about the Class 14. As I have to pass it back to Hattons soon, I thought I’d take the opportunity to pose it on the layout. Not least as I’ve been wondering whether to invest in one of the models for myself – preferably a BR green livery one. As my review in the latest Model Rail will show (out on Feb 25), I was highly impressed with this model, especially after seeing it work around my test track and indoor layout. However, I don’t part with £115 of my own cash easily and collecting limited editions has never really appealed to me.
Can I justify the price of a green '14' for myself?
Anyway, after seeing 14029 pottering around Maudetown Colliery’s sidings, I’ve started thinking of numerous justifications as to why I NEED one of these. So, I think I’ll be coming home with a Class14 when I go back to Liverpool to take this Rail Blue version back... We’ll see!
Have a look at the short video clip to see the loco in action at Maudetown...

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