Poetry in motion

Another brief progress report on  the DJH 'OO' gauge 'Jones Goods'...

The chassis is complete and has been run-in for a few hours on the rolling road. Luckily (should I say that, or should it be assumed that a 'pro' would get it right first time...?), all was well from the off, with no tweaks necessary. After a quick photo session of the assembled loco in 'workshop grey' - a colleague suggested it was 'Tornado grey' - the chassis has been dismantled completely, ready for the painting stage.

Hopefully, it will all go back together again without issue and run as well as it has been under test conditions. The assembly of the chassis and mechanism will feature in detail in the next Model Rail (MR141 March issue).

Progress on the intricate livery application will follow...


  1. George, although this is a six year old topic, what do you use for the 'rolling road'?

    1. Hi Duncan,
      It's a 'Saddle' unit from Bachrus. They're available in 2, 3, 4 axle packs and can be adjusted to work with any scale from N to EM/P4 and take power from the layout or a test track. The 3-axle unit costs around £40 and they're available from various sources, such as DCC Supplies or Digitrains.


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