I've had a day up to my neck in brass and solder today, assembling various etched signal kits and associated buts 'n' bobs. This impressive-looking gantry is a OO kit from Traintronics, which compliments its range of colour light signals, while the tiny 4-aspect signal is from NBrass Locos.

Although the gantry looks very delicate (the individual parts are and liable to distortion if not handled carefully), once assembled, it makes for a fairly tough, rigid construction. It was good fun to build, too, although a good few hours' worth of work. The N gauge signal was much trickier - no surprise there - and I think I chose the wrong route in trying to solder all but the light shades, but it worked out well in the end. This is a dummy unit, though I'm sure someone with better experience of N gauge electronics could get this working with fibre optics and such like.


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