The parcel arrived yesterday afternoon, wrapped in brown paper and string and immediately obvious that it was from Hattons of Liverpool. I couldn't wait to get it open and reveal my Heljan/Hattons Class 14 that I'd treated myself too. Despite being hugely impressed with the review sample that I loaned from Hattons (see earlier posts), the three-figure price had been putting me off getting one for myself (funds being a bit tight at the mo'). However, after some very careful consideration and after 'releasing a bit of capital', I took the plunge and phoned through my order.

Having missed out on the BR green livery batch that has now sold out, I went for the NCB version which, actually, is more 'up my street'. It will look at home on my colliery layout, although Maudetown was supposed to be based loosely in South Wales. Luckily, I've built the layout to look ambiguous as far as location is concerned so, when the Cl14 is running, it will have a North Eastern flavour.

My Alexander Models kit of a Class14 is currently in the Works having a new chassis frame built after an unfortunate accident and, as this was originally finished as NCB No.31, I shall take the opportunity of changing its identity before it's ready to re-enter traffic. I'm tempted to keep it in NCB blue, to enable the pair of them to work the colliery together...


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