After leaving the narrow gauge stock to cure overnight, I felt like I was on a roll and started on a Knightwing Models kit that I've had lying around for years. After rooting around, I also found a Black Beetle of almost the correct wheelbase. Hopefully, once it's all finished, you won't be able to notice the 1mm discrepancy between the axle centres.

With a view to creating another shunting loco for Maudetown Colliery, this delightful kit should really look the part. I've already upgraded the buffers with turned brass replacements (A1 Models) and etched backplates (Shawplan) and am wondering what other small additions I can make. However, the kit offers everything from handrails, cab interior and flush glazing, so it might not need much extra investment. Perhaps most important, though, is the choice of colour scheme - as a break from the ubiquitous NCB blue of the rest of my fleet, I'm tempted with a bright yellow finish...

With the motor bogie temporarily fitted, the loco has been happily chugging up and down my test track.


  1. Happy Easter Mr Dent! I have noticed you appear to be building project's I have planned for the future and this shunter is on my list funnily enough..sorry to be always ask questions but I was wondering which length Black Beetle motor you've used? As for paint I found an interesting Yellow scheme as 'Lady Potter' if you were interested although I can't take credit for the photograph.

    All the best.


  2. Hello Jaymes, nice to hear from you again. I've used a 34mm wheelbase Black Beetle that I had in stock for an aborted DC Kits Derby Lightweight DMU kit. But the Knightwing kit has a WB of 35mm - it's not a massive difference, but you can tell the discrepancy if you look hard enough. Charlie at DC Kits will sort you out with a Black Beetle of any size from stock -
    Oh, and thanks for the Flickr link - that's the kind of livery I was thinking of, only mine will be nowhere near as clean! I've made more progress on the loco over the bank holiday and will post some pics later this week.

  3. Many thanks for the link I will get onto Charlie for one I look forward to seeing your updates this week.




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