A larger and different shaped board is now complete.

My long awaited extension to Maudetown Colliery began last year, with another 4ft x 1ft 6in baseboard built to match the first scenic board. However, no sooner had I finished gluing it all together, than I became fed up with my plan and there the project has stalled. However, with a break and some fresh ideas, I've just built another board, a few inches longer and in a sort of wedge shape to allow some interesting buildings and scenery to be built in the corner. Once the glue dries, I'll be tidying up the edges and getting down to finalising the exact track plan after coupling this board up to the original.

It really helps to put some distance between yourself and a project for a while, especially if things aren't going so well. The break away last week allowed me to ponder the layout plan and work out exactly what I wanted to include and what I could live without. Hopefully, once I get a bit of momentum going on the track-laying, the extension will start to take shape.  All the buildings are already in hand, with a few more kits to put together, so it's starting to feel like 'All Systems Go'. But I don't want to speak too soon...


  1. I can second that advice. I was struggling with my main layout having returned to the hobby after a gap of over 20 years, so I decided to do a "Nevard-esque" small project that is now taking shape and is giving me more confidence to tackle the big project again later. It's a good way of re-learning techniques and experimenting with new ones. Considering starting a blog to share the journey...

    1. Hi Brian,
      Thanks for the comment. Good luck with your layout project - From personal experience and from what others tell me, starting a Blog can be really helpful. Not only does it add impetus to the project (feeling obliged to keep going in order to generate more blog entries) but also as a means of gaining free advice and support. Let me know if you start one up.
      All the best,


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