As mentioned a month or so back, this little kit from MiniArt is destined for use as a small engine shed for my Maudetown Colliery layout, being an ideal size to squeeze into the available space and will just accommodate most of the colliery's fleet of motive power (but not at the same time, obviously!). It's a tight squeeze for this Knightwing shunter, although I'm going to add an extra course of stone setts to the bottom of the building to create an extra 4mm or so of headroom. 

Also able to fit through the opening (without any modification) are the NCB's pair of ex-BR Class 08s, a Class 14 and a couple of small 'steamers', although my 0-4-0DM 'Bettsy' is just too tall and may have to be modified slightly.  

The basic shell has been built to check its position on the extension baseboards still under construction. Once the location and extra height has been settled, I can set about tidying up the wall joints, priming, painting and then adding the extra details like windows, gutters and doors. 

This is a great little kit and, if I had a bit more space, I'd be tempted to buy another one or two and combine them to make a larger shed. This would be very easy to do, as the kit is designed in modular sections anyway. 

The building has been jacked up a few millimetres to mimic the final height in relation to the rail height, allowing slightly larger locos to enter the shed. Some careful levelling of the track and land will be required on the baseboard before it is installed. I'm favouring the idea of sinking an inspection pit between the rails, too.


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