Resin kit finished, but I'm still not satisfied

After many hours, the Ayjay Models TIN-HAL 2-car unit is up and running and looking very much like the real thing. What with all the hard work at the beginning of the project, the extra effort in getting the surfaces right has paid off and I'm very happy with the paint and weathering job. When a kit is maybe not the most refined in some areas, going that extra mile with the finish will always be worth it.

There's still a few issues, however, most notably with the warped underframes, and I'm thinking of revisiting these at a later date, perhaps trialling a different source of motive power to the BullAnt motor bogie that is installed at the moment. But, for now, I fancy a break from this unit and am setting my sights on a couple of Western Region diesel hydraulics....

Read all about this EMU kit in the next issue of Model Rail magazine, out on July 12.


  1. Hi George. Great looking Tin Hal. I was considering doing one of these kits myself (the Bullied 2HAP) but have been slightly put off by the price.

    The article in Model Rail is good and well balanced. I may well take the plunge yet.


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