Ready-made structure arrives.

With a modern diesel depot scene to build, I've treated myself to one of Bachmann's ready-to-plant diesel traction depots. This ain't cheap (80-odd quid!), but it's a cracking model and, with time of the essence, building a kit is out of the question. However, the building still needs some work, so I've removed the smoky glazing and re-fitted the etched window frames on the end and side that will be visible (the other side and end have been left as a way of subtly obscuring the backscene). Immediately, the shed looks more refined and the addition of health and safety signage, plus the EWS logo bring the structure to life.

Right - on with the baseboards...!


  1. Hi George, can you please tell me the model number of this Bachmann shed? Am trying to find one. Kind Regards Matthew

    1. Hi Matthew. I think the ref. number was 44-178, but I don't think it's been available in the Bachmann range for a while now. You might be able to find a pre-owned one. Cheers, GD.


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