OH B****R!


Wouldn't you know it - lots of practical work to catch up on, an imminent string of airbrush courses to teach and thousands of words to type for the magazine. And I go and hack out a big chunk of my fingertip with a Stanley knife. On my right hand too.

Luckily, I have my Iwata trigger handle airbrushes, so I can still finish the Routemaster bus I've been working on, even with my huge comedy bandage! The EFE die-cast model has been titivated with interior detail and transfers and I've toned down the high gloss finish with a mix of satin and light sheen varnishes. Now currently reassembled and clamped-up while the glue dries, a little weathering will finish things off nicely. Just hope the finger heals quickly!


  1. Commiserations George! A case of more haste, less speed?
    Get well soon...

  2. Get well soon George. See you next Thursday

  3. And a few days later, another well-known modeller, Pelle Soeeborg cut his fingers with a small circular saw... hope these bad things don't come in threes! Get well soon!

    1. Thanks for the good wishes. It's nearly healed now, thankfully. Proved a bad time to realise that I had no first aid stuff whatsoever in the workshop or in the house. Not good when you're living out in the sticks. Don't recommend tissue and masking tape for an emergency bandage, by the way...

  4. That's no good George. The trouble with many first aid boxes is that they require the finger that's been cut to open them with all bandages inside sealed in plastic. Still unlike me you didn't have your finger sliced length ways by a garden shredder blade. You seem to have a love hate relationship with Stanley knife blades. Didn't you once manage to get one stuck in the back of one hand?
    If you're going to cut yourself somewhere it's either in your hands or feet just where all the nerve endings are, hence the pain factor.
    Still the bus looks good.


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