Class 37 component recovery underway.

The diesel depot layout is now complete, with a fleet of EWS traction taking up residence. Centre stage is an elderly and defunct Class 37 (a much modified 30-year old Hornby model) lifted off its bogies and being stripped of usable parts to keep other class members in service. It's quite a hive of activity within the repair shed, with lots of tools, equipment and parts littering the floor. I particular like the access platform and mesh parts bins that were built from etched metal kits from PH Designs. 

The Hornby and Bachmann shed buildings, although quite different in style, compliment each other well. The Hornby shed (on the left) is where locomotives are serviced regularly, with coolant and oil levels topped up and light exams carried out. A fuelling point is adjacent (far left).

Considering this layout was built in a week, using mostly stuff I already had to hand, I'm very pleased with the results. You can see the full story behind this depot scene in Model Rail issue 212 (out on July 30).


  1. By 'eck George, you don't hang about! Putting us all to shame with your great skills. Just one thing though - that 6" gap under the right-hand wall needs hiding/filling - the shed's floating!

    Great work - please keep blogging!

    1. Mmm, yes - the Scenecraft shed base is nowhere near square and true, so both sides need filing flat (ran out of time before the press deadline!). As I don't want to fix the building permanently, I can't fill the gap.
      Should've stuck something in front of the wall to disguise it...

  2. This TMD is great. I've been trying but a back copy of issue 212 to see the article but they have sold out. Is there anyway to read the article and see the photos. Thanks Mark

    1. Hi Mark, I'm sorry that the back issues dept. has run out of issue of 212. I've just had a look through our office stocks, but we've none left either I'm afraid. I'll try and upload more pix and info here if I get the chance.
      All the best,


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