Just finished a Type 2 duo - well, almost. Having put quite a bit of work into these two Bachmann models - and studied the finished portraits - I've now resolved to replace the original glazing with some Lazerglaze from Shawplan/Extreme Etchings. It's a small detail, but it makes a big difference. But, until I get around to doing that, the two locos are ready for action. The blue version has been partially repainted in a variety of shades, picking out the high- and lowlights, with a suggestion of faded paintwork here and there. Although it's not actually that dirty, but the careworn paintwork suggests a machine that has been hard at work in the great outdoors for years.

As for the green version, that's actually grubbier, depicting a loco that is working in the steam age. Sharing shed space with grubby steam engines is never going to be conducive to cleanliness, but the sides and ends have a slightly polished look, so someone must have been trying to buff it up at some point in the recent past. There's a fair bit of texture to the oily, grimy underframes too, especially around the fuel tanks.   

I've enjoyed working on these two locos so much, that I've just started on another two blue 25s - one of which is an ancient Hornby version...


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