ViTrains Class 47 unearthed.

Rooting through some boxes in the attic I came across a ViTrains Class 47 that I'd forgotten all about. It had been packed away for use as a demo piece in one of my airbrushing courses, but obviously got misplaced when we moved house last year. Anyway, it was a jolly nice surprise to see it again and I decided to throw some weathering paints, washes and pigments at it over the weekend.

As with the Bachmann Class 25s I treated the other week, this is another model that is crying out for a pack of replacement Laserglaze, so I think I'd better draw up a shopping list for the next time I pass the Shawplan stall at an exhibition!

I know that the Bachmann 47 is very nice, but I do like the ViTrains version, especially once it has been detailed and weathered. Such a shame that it has been out of production for a while.


  1. Hi George, fantastic truck. Have a couple of your books and have also just noticed in M/Rail the 47 respray. The cant line which you did with a Ruler. Kind of understand as to why i.e the lack of thin masking tape which was once available from Howes. Well have you tried these from Jammydog. they do a 0.5mm tape. Just a thought that you might be interested in trying?

    Enjoy the Kit building


    1. Thanks Jeremy - I'll check it out.


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