The latest issue of Model Rail magazine (MR263) features a demo of how I equipped a Graham Farish Class 04 with a set of tramway skirts and cow-catchers. This project proved to be a real joy, as the Farish model is excellent and the resin cow-catchers from Osborn's Models gave me a headstart.

My Model Rail colleague Peter Marriott gave me the set of the cow-catchers a while back, so it feels good to finally get them fitted. I ended up scratch-building the side skirts from plastic sheet, which turned out to be fairly straightforward. I'd seen a set of etched brass skirts available online, but they looked a little basic and lacking in the characteristic relief of the real things. Besides, using material from 'stock' meant that this turned out to be a very cheap undertaking, helped by the bargain-priced Farish model (obtained from Rails of Sheffield).

The 04 looks really at home on my N gauge harbour diorama. I really fancy creating a OO gauge version now...!


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