Thanks to Metcalfe Models, I've added a couple of extra buildings to my mill/factory scene, described in an earlier post. While the layout itself was built for the April issue of Model Rail magazine, the construction of the various card building kits is the subject of an article in the May 2020 issue (MR273), which goes on sale on 16th April.

Apart from a heavily-modified Superquick pub, some 'Z' scale cottages from Postcard Models and a few Scalescenes kits, I haven't built many card kits in recent years, so these various Metcalfe kits have provided some welcome fun. With only a handful of tools required - and no smelly glues or paints - they proved a perfect project for building at the kitchen table during the dark, stormy evenings of the past month.

The only enhancements I've made to the kits is to touch-in certain areas with paint, to hide any exposed card, and to add a layer of grime with an airbrush and Tamiya acrylics. When time permits, I could do to add signage and other smaller details. The tower of the gatehouse really needs a weather vane - something that I remember Chris Nevard installing when he built some of these kits for Model Rail a few years back.


  1. Very nice George. But your windowsills are oh-so-clean!

  2. Thanks. Indeed, the windows frames are spotless, but I only had a day in which to build the kits! Maybe the mill owner just had them repainted..?!


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