Doesn't time fly? I started this Italeri DAF 95 truck kit well over a year ago, although everything ground to a halt due to our relocation last summer. The extensive chassis had been built and the engine detailed, but that's as far as I got. However, I've been slowly working through some of my unfinished projects and have managed to get the frames painted and a start made on the weathering process. There's so much work to put into these large scale truck kits, with an endless list of separate parts to prepare, enhance, paint and weather. Now that I've got a bit of momentum going, I'm determined to get this - and a few other part-built kits - finished over the coming months.

I've also been busy moving workshop over the past few weeks, upgrading to a larger space, so there's finally room for these projects to remain accessible while I continue with my day job, providing me with some welcome variety.

The shiny red frames are slowly disappearing under a layer of grime and I've posed them with a few of the kit wheels for now. I'm replacing these with a mix of resin rims and hubs, which should look far superior. Most of the weathering needs to be done before many of the sub assemblies are installed properly, including the engine/gearbox, fuel tank, air cleaner etc, with each being treated in isolation.


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