Well, I did say recently that I was determined to finish some of my part-built kits, so I'm pleased to report more progress on the Italeri 1:24 scale DAF 95 truck. The chassis weathering is virtually complete and engine, transmission, cooling and exhaust systems installed permanently. It's getting exciting now, seeing all of these sub-assemblies coming together after so long, especially as most of them have been built in different parts of the country, over an 18month period. Indeed, one of the aspects of these big kits that I enjoy is the ability to spend plenty of time concentrating on a small element, as a weekend/holiday/hotel-room-on-a-works-trip project, providing some welcome distraction.

The chassis weathering consisted of various stages, featuring various oil and enamel washes, dry pigments, dry-brushing and some targeted airbrush work, taking about 20hours in total. Next jobs include finishing off the fuel tank and the wheels, then my attention can turn to the cab.


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