At long last, the DC Kits Irish Rail 'Dutch' generator van kit is finished. Held up by the intrusion of lots of other tasks, I finally managed to complete assembly and apply a weathering job at the end of last week. After photographing the finished van, one side has now been daubed in 4mm scale graffiti, to depict a van languishing on the scrap line.

You can read more about the DC Kits model in Model Rail issue 146 but, in the meantime, here's a few images of the finished van...

For now, only scale couplings have been added to the ends, complete with buckeyes in the dropped position (spare from a Heljan Cl33/1). Extra brake pipes and electrical hoses have been added from wire or adapted from various castings from the scrap box.

After weathering, some graffiti slogans have been added using a pack of Microscale decals (from C-Rail). A further coat of grime will tone these down a little. Only one side of the van has been treated thus, for a future book project that I'm working on - more as a demo of the technique than a recreation of a real vehicle. 


  1. Hi George,
    Delighted to see the finished model and note you used scale couplings “for now”. My own model has been waiting fitting couplings since your comments of 27th April 2010, “I'll be sure to show how I added the couplings to it”. Could you please let me know if you have no immediate plans to attach working couplings and if so I’ll go ahead with my own improvisation?

  2. Hi Kieran,
    I hadn't forgotten my promise to show the fitting of working couplings to the gen van, but I wanted to photo the finished model in as realistic a condition as possible first! I'll have a go fitting some tension locks later this week and post my results asap.
    Cheers, George


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