The latest issue of Model Rail (No.180) hits the shops and doormats within the next week or so and features a 'Workbench Test' of a new kit from PH Designs (mentioned in a couple of previous posts). Representing a freelance diesel shunting locomotive, designed to fit directly onto the Hornby Class 06 chassis, it creates a striking, attractive post-1960s machine for use in any industrial setting. My own example, named Bettsy, is almost complete, with just a few extra details to be added, most notably the glazing and window surrounds/wipers. The cab interior also needs a few extra adornments and a suitable driver figure.

Proudly wearing the National Coal Board livery, No.26 looks well at home on Maudetown Colliery. Having run out of my usual supply of NCB blue, I had a go at mixing my own, blending Regional Railways blue with a little Porterbrook purple (both Railmatch enamel). It's slightly lighter than some of my other NCB stock, but I do like a bit of variation.

I'll be displaying this model at the Glasgow exhibition this coming weekend (22-24 Feb), for those who might want a closer look.


  1. Such a gorgeous little shunter George. I must admit I have delved into a little 009 Project in NCB colours using the blue you recommended. It has just gone through the decal phase. Once I completed I will send you a photo of my attempt. I wish I was attending this weekend. Have a safe trip I strolled past you at Warley but didn't catch you.


  2. Hi Jaymes,
    I'll look forward to seeing the pics of your OO9 project. Sorry I missed you at Warley - it was a very busy weekend!

  3. Although I like this train, there's just something not right that I couldn't put my finger on, until I realised it's got no lights! Are you going to add some?

  4. Well spotted, Chad! I was going to add some oil lamps and brackets, but thought they were a bit archaic for this type of loco and it's period. So, some mini electric lamps are intended, a bit like those fitted to LNER steam locos. I'm sure I've got some lying around somewhere, but haven't yet found them!


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