This is a quick reply to a question asked by Blog reader Chris, in regard to the windscreen wipers supplied with Vi-Trains Class 37 models... 

The etched wipers need cutting from the fret with a decent set of metal snips and there are no moulded locating holes in the bodyshell - they're just fixed to the lower bit of the window beading. Therefore, you have to use your own judgement to get them in the right place. One end of the wiper is slightly fatter and this is the lower end. There's no actual wiper blade, so they're not the most authentic details and Shawplan offer superior etched bits that can be fixed into drilled mounting holes, making them a bit more secure.

One last thing: I use a tiny drop of PVA-type glue (Deluxe Glue n Glaze) as cyano glue so close to the glazing may cause damage to the clear plastic. 


  1. Hi George,
    thanks for the detailed reply - much appreciated and a big help - will give it a go this week hopefully,


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