Testing the chassis has also allowed me to test some new high performance lubricants from Nye - see a review in Model Rail in the coming months.

Assembly of the new chassis for my old Bachmann Jubilee is complete and the whole thing has been under intensive testing on a rolling road, looking out for any tight spots or clearance issues. Without wanting to sound smug, there was only the one minor aspect to adjust (adding a slightly thicker washer between the radius rod and the die block at the motion bracket, as the eccentric rod was very close to the connecting rod. It must be a result of experience but, whereas this stage used to see me making a few adjustments here and there, but this project has been a very smooth-running one. Mind you, the fact that these Comet chassis kits are supremely well designed helps - with older metal loco kits, it can feel like a wrestling match just to get the parts to move.

I'd certainly recommend tackling one of the many chassis kits in Comet's range as an introduction to loco construction, especially something like an 0-6-0, without outside cylinders or valve gear to begin with. Having the right tools and experience of soldering is also important. As it happens, I've just finished the manuscript for another book, with the Crowood Press, on the subject of building locomotive and multiple unit kits, that covers ALL of the basics, across a range of kits and materials. Hopefully, it should be out later this year - more details will appear here in due course.


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