GWR girder wagon set nears completion

As mentioned previously, I've been putting together a 3D printed wagon kit from Hazelwood Models, portraying the Great Western Railway's 'Pollen C' articulated girder wagon set. It's turning out rather well, with the surface looking very convincing after a few coats of primer and paint. Now it's taking on a weathered appearance, with a black undercoat giving the grey livery a nicely shaded aspect, especially around the various raised details.

As with 3D printing technology in general, there is constant development going on and I've just heard from the kit's maker that much of the kit has been further improved, making assembly even easier. At present, the kits can be viewed at Hazelwood Models' Shapeways store, but the models will be available from February, via Ebay. For more info, email: hazelwoodmodels@hotmail.com

Look out for a full demo on working with 3D printed kits in Model Rail magazine, issue 193 (out 13 Feb).


  1. I know this comment is on topic really, but.......?! Would u b able to give me any sort of insight into Silverfox Models? Im interested in the Y6 rtr steam tram, but hav no info on the quality of model?? Any reply would b helpful, cheers :)

    1. Hi Matthew,
      Silverfox Models do some really good stuff, so you can buy with confidence. There are certain limitations in terms of the materials - mostly cast resin - which means that the detail on the bodyshells is a bit overscale in certain areas, or the handrails are cast solid - but nothing too serious. In fact, they're ideal to superdetail if that's your thing. The pre-assembled and painted models are finished to a high standard, too, and usually mounted on brand new RTR chassis, although I think the 'Y6' comes with a Black Beetle (or similar) which is fine for the task. In fact, I've seen some of these little beauties looking superb, with a bit of detailing and weathering.

  2. Thank u very very much for your help! U hav filld me with a lot of confidence now :) detailing and weathering is my thing, so sounds gud for sum add ons :)


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